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Volunteer Information


Volunteers are greatly needed to make a hockey association run, and without volunteers contributing many hours, DAHA could simply not exist. We appreciate and can’t thank our volunteers enough for the work they do to help make all of our children's hockey experiences positive and enjoyable ones and make the DAHA program successful!

DAHA Volunteer Policy

DAHA is an organization run solely by the volunteer efforts of parents. For each child signed up to skate, a parent is required to perform a number of volunteer hours. The DAHA volunteer/concession stand policy effective is designed to give families flexibility of how they choose to perform their hours.

The DAHA Board is responsible for the maintenance and adherence to this procedure.  New volunteer opportunities may be added and approved at DAHA board meetings.

For 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U Families
20 hours per skater, maximum of 30 hours for families with multiple skaters.  At the end of the season, there will be a charge of $20/hour for every volunteer hour not worked.  All hours must be completed or the charge paid in full before a child can participate on the ice during the next season. 


The DAHA board may issue a certificate of exemption for volunteers filling roles which may have a time commitment which will be at least equal to the amount of required hours.  A list of volunteers shall be reviewed at each Monthly board meeting to approve hours logged by volunteers and confirm that those with exempt status are meeting basic expectations of their role.

Recording, Confirming and Reporting hours

DAHA Board prepares a report which will be reviewed and approved at monthly board meetings in order for hours to be credited.  Time volunteered beyond the required amount of hours does not carry over to the following season.  Excess time does not build as credit and is not eligible for cash payment or refund of any kind. 

Positions which may exempt a parent volunteer from further volunteer requirements may include:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Coach (must have CEP Certification, USA Hockey Registration and background check)
  • Committee Chair (Player Development, Fundraising, Sponsorship, Marketing, Recruiting and Retention)
  • Treasurer
  • Scheduler
  • Board Member
  • SCRIP Coordinator
  • Concession Stand Coordinator
  • Safesport Coordinator

Additional Notes

Concession stand

Only one parent may work the concession Monday – Thursday and only two parents may work at the same time on weekends and get credit for the concession stand hours unless it is a high school hockey game or tournament in which up to 4 parents may get credit. For each hour worked over the required hours, you will earn $2.00 off of next year’s registration cost for your child up to a maximum of $200.00 per skater. This applies to concession stand hours only (not timekeeper, etc). For all other volunteer activities, you must fill out a volunteer slip (located on the top of the fridge in the concession stand) and have it signed by a board member. These slips should be put in mailbox in the concession stand (top of fridge).


For volunteers helping with a committee activities See Approved Committee Charge documents for recording and reporting hours

Other Activities

Volunteer hours may be logged in the following amounts for the corresponding activities

  • For Home Tournaments and home games:
    • Running Penalty Box Door – 1 hour per game
    • Running Scoreboard – 1 hour per game
    • Locker Room Monitoring - 1 hour per volunteer day (30 minutes before and after practice).  Requires background check and completion of Safesport Modules.

Any proposals to add to the list of approved volunteer activities can be brought to the board for voting in on a monthly basis. 




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