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Shooting Clinic - Session 1 Follow Up

Teaching points for the shooting series are:

- toes pointed toward the net for these drills 

- puck starts at the heels

- hands are extended away from the body

- bottom hand pushes down toward the ice causing the the stick to flex, while at the same time...

- top hand pulls back into the body causing the puck to catapult off the stick


The order for the shooting series is as follows (and is demonstrated by Nick in the videos below in slow motion):

- shoot with both feet facing the net...stationary

- shoot off the inside foot...stationary 

- shoot off the outside foot...stationary 

- shoot off the inside foot ...moving

- shoot off the outside foot...moving



It’s going to feel awkward at first. Encourage your son/daughter to get the mechanics down correctly. Don’t worry about the  direction or speed of the puck for now...we’ll fine tune that later. For now we are just looking for the correct mechanics.


Let the stick work the way it’s designed to !!


Let’s get the word out to the rest of the association and get some more players there for the next session. 


Yours in hockey,

Coach Murvich

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